Saturday, August 30, 2014

Removing asbestos siding

Tackling asbestos siding removal on your own is one of the few asbestos abatement projects that most homeowners can safely manage without the help of a professional contractor.

Asbestos siding can often be removed largely intact and the fact that it is installed outdoors minimizes the risk of any fibers becoming airborne and inhaled.

Workers will still need to be properly protected with a respirator, body suit, and gloves during all stages of work -- prep, removal, and disposal -- but more specialized equipment to ensure air safety isn't necessary when working outside with asbestos siding.

Disposal can be an issue depending on where you live and whether or not local landfills will accept asbestos containing materials.

In some states only a select few landfills with accept ACMs and the fees associated with disposal can be very high.

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