Saturday, August 9, 2014

Asbestos removal state by state

Asbestos removal guidelines vary state by state so you'll need to check with local agencies before tackling any asbestos removal or abatement projects.

Laws and procedures for asbestos removal NJ could be different than what you're facing as far as asbestos removal CT guidelines.

Most states offer resources and help for homeowners wrestling with asbestos issues, although there are typically fewer restrictions and laws in place governing asbestos in residences.

Removal of asbestos from public buildings or schools is governed by federal guidelines for safety (of both workers and anyone that uses the building) laid out by the EPA and OSHA but homeowners typically aren't covered by those same laws.

That's both a good thing (less red tape) but also an area of concern, as it means that you'll need to take charge of your project and take care when selecting a contractor or trying to remove asbestos material yourself.

Homeowners are often allowed to remove and dispose of asbestos material themselves but great care is needed, especially for trickier projects that involve working with popcorn ceilings or insulation, as the risk of asbestos fibers escaping into the air is far greater.

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